California Hot Dog Cart by Willy Dogs


California Hot Dog Cart by Willy Dogs


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Product Description

Not just another hot dog cart, this truly awesome Willy Dog California hot dog cart is a massive unit that will allow you to feed throngs of people. Do you have some huge events that you plan to attend and set up your hot dog stand at? If so, then you need this behemoth Willy Dog California hot dog cart. With its extra-large dimensions of forty inches wide, one hundred inches long and forty inches high, in addition to its colorful red and yellow six and a half food high wind rated umbrella, your cart is going to be seen and recognizable from a distance. Between the iconic visuals and the delicious smells you’ll be producing, customers will flock to you from blocks away. In spite of its large size, this cart is still perfect for pulling behind your vehicle with a sturdy highway rated three quarter ton suspension trailer, highway rated tires and a full trailer wiring harness installed that supports the brake and signal lights. This awesome beast comes complete with all the bells and whistles including three sinks, a seven and a half cubic foot 110volt refrigerator, a five gallon fresh water tank and a seven gallon waste water tank, twenty six cubic feet of storage in the five individual storage areas, two twenty pound propane tank baskets, six steamers, griddles, char broilers, crepe makers, pressurized hot and cold running water, and so much more. With this amazing Willy Dog California hot dog cart, you can provide a whole host of options for your customers all in one spot. Whether you’re setting up to serve at a tailgate event for the next football game, or you’re at the state fair, you’re going to be able to attract and serve hundreds of people, make all the money you want to, then pack away your cart and go enjoy the event.

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Features & Specifications

  • Cart Body Dimensions: 40 in. wide x 100 in. long x 40 in. high
  • Dimensions on Trailer: 52 in. wide x 125 in. long x 54 in. high
  • D.O.T. Compliance Highway rated trailer with 3/4 ton suspension.
  • Electrical Brake and signal lights plus trailer wiring harness installed.
  • Cart Body: 18 Gauge Stainless Steel.
  • Under Carriage: Highway Tires 480 x 7 plus 1000 lb swivelling jack and Caster Wheel
  • Cart Weight: 800 lb (363 Kg) approx. empty.
  • Security: Stainless steel, lock able, stretch-proof suitcase locks.
  • 3 NSF 12″ x 10″ sinks standard, extra can be added
  • Fresh Water Tank: 5 gallons. More as needed
  • Waste Water Tank: 7 gallons. More as needed
  • Refrigeration NSF/UL rated front entry 7 1/2 cubic foot 110 volt. Can be run from generator or optional battery system or simple plug in
  • Storage: 5 individual areas. All lock-able under counter space. totals a huge 26 cubic feet
  • Propane Tank: 2 x 20 lb Tank Baskets. Stored internally. Will run for up to 100 hours between fills
  • Two stage gas regulator.
  • Burner 2 x17,000 B.T.U burner with infinitely adjustable controls
  • Umbrella 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella
  • Steamers NSF 6 x 1/4 steamers with pans & lids. Available in any configuration
  • Food Equipment Summary Griddles, Char broilers, Crepe makers, Donair available, optional extras
  • Additional Standard Features: 12 volt DC Pressurized Hot and Cold Water System. Removable Trailer Hitch. Cart Push Handles.
  • Towing system 1 7/8″ universal system with galvanized chains and galvanized locking hooks to DOT standards
  • Hinge Systems: All stainless hinges & pins, either NSF lift-off for easy cleaning or full length stainless piano hinges