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Hello Everyone!

We deeply appreciate you joining us here on our new site, we are so excited to bring you the best of the world of hot dogs and everything you need to know about hot dog carts.

My name is Barbara Haught and wow oh wow do I enjoy hot dogs. It all started for me thirty years ago when my father would take me into New York City. As the skyscrapers loomed overhead, and the sirens blazing, only one thing could ever catch my attention: the hot dog carts. The
brilliant smell exuding, the fast, efficient serving, and most of all the perfect taste of a well-topped hot dog. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Three decades later, settled in Woodbridge, New Jersey, I am so excited to release this site.

Wanna chat about a great hot dog you’ve had? Tips for perfecting your cart? Reach out to me! I would love to discuss anything on your mind, and greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have.