Small Stands

Small Hot Dog Stands For Sale

Whether you’re serving your friends, raising money for your favorite PTA or scouting group, or you are beginning your own small business, our smaller hot dog stands and table top versions are going to work perfectly. Their small stature in no way means they are less functional, though they naturally don’t do all the different types of things their larger hot dog stand cousins do. That said, you can easily feed fabulous hot dogs to lots of hungry customers in a very short amount of time with one of our amazing smaller hot dog stands. Easy to locate because of their size, our smaller hot dog stands will fit just about anywhere and our table top versions can go wherever you do. Is your school having a fun raising event? Perhaps your scouting group is going to have a fair day or large group activity? Imagine how easy and fun it will be to provide delicious hot dogs quickly and easily for everyone from one of our attractive and efficient smaller hot dog stands or table top versions.

The famous umbrella that accompanies your favorite hot dog stand vendors is a sign to everyone that they are there and open for business. When you have your own hot dog stand, even out small and table top versions, you still have that famous umbrella to call on. Our adorable Super Wee Willy hot dog stand is a table top version that’s perfect for school functions, scouting functions, family reunions, and fund raising activities or larger parties. It even has its own little umbrella to give you the full feeling of those fun hot dog stands we all love. Our fabulous Teeny Weenie All American hot dog stand is ideal for those folks looking to start their own hot dog stand business. It’s a smaller version of its bigger cousins but has all the functionality you count on with super easy maneuverability and of course a large easy to see umbrella that keeps you and your customers cool and out of the weather as well as being a useful beacon to bring your customers to you. Its smaller size makes it easy to place just about anywhere, and the large wheels make that process a breeze. Perfect for setting up in malls or smaller stores, you can use this option if you plan to be attending store openings or other types of occasions because you don’t need a lot of preplanning to place this beautiful cart. No matter why you choose our smaller versions of these fabulous hot dog stands, you’ll always be glad you came to Hot Dog Carts Direct to get it.