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Hot Dog Stands For Sale by Willy Dogs

We all know when we see those cheerful red and yellow Willy Dog hot dog stand colors in the distance that yummy smells and soon delicious food is not far away. The beauty of having your own Willy Dog hot dog stand is that you will be able to provide those good and happy feelings to lots of people every day. Vising your Willy Dog hot dog cart and getting one of your delicious hot dogs is going to be the high point of many people’s day and you can go to sleep every night knowing you provided happiness and tasty food to people who really needed it. The Willy Dog people know what a joy having your own hot dog stand business can by and that’s why they’ve made it as easy as possible for you to be successful. From understanding the accounting and tax aspects, to permits and health codes, the Willy Dog family will provide you with everything you need to make your dreams of owning your own successful hot dog stand a reality. Owning your own Willy Dog stand gives you a life that is freer and more fun than a typical nine to five job or a standard restaurant job. You can decide where you want to set up and how long you want to work. Because our Willy Dog hot dog stands are mobile, you can take your business to any state and any event you choose. Now you can travel the country and make money while you do it with your own fabulous Willy Dog hot dog stand.

With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a Willy Dog hot dog stand that’s just right for you. Whether you want a full service concession trailer, or you are just looking for a portable table top unit to make some extra money for your fund raising efforts, or something in between, the folks at Willy Dog understand and have produced a fabulous hot dog cart that will be just perfect for your needs. From the extra-large Willy Dog California hot dog cart, to the adorable signature Willy Dog hot dog cart, no matter how many you want to be able to serve, or how much variety you want to be able to serve, you’re going to find a Willy Dog hot dog cart that is just right for you. All of our mobile Willy Dog hot dog carts are highway rated. Their stainless steel exterior and inside works make them easy to keep clean and sterilized providing a level of confidence for your customers that not every hot dog stand company can provide. In addition to all of the special care and manufacturing expertise you get in every standard Willy Dog cart, there are also many options you can choose to make your hot dog cart unique to you and your brand. From ice cream boxes to chip clips and crepe makers to barbeques, there’s almost no end to the special features you can add to your Willy Dog cart to make it answer all of the specialized options you want to offer. If your clientele are primarily coming to you at lunch time, then you might want to make sure you get one of the carts that has both barbeque and steamer options to allow you to offer more variety, and don’t forget to have that ice cream box added so you can also provide desert. If you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has both breakfast and lunch time regular clientele then you want to be in a position to offer them different things for each meal. Luckily several of our carts come with glassed in display cases as a standard feature and many others come with display cases as an option. These beautiful glassed in display cases allow you to provide donuts or fruit or other types of items. With difficulties in the economy making standard nine to five jobs less reliable in terms of longevity, many people want to find a way to have more control over their lives and their finances. Having your own Willy Dog hot dog cart business allows you to decide how much money you’re going to make each week and you never have to worry about having your hours cut or getting laid off because you’re the boss. Whether you want to add some extra income on the weekends, serving delicious foods at events and venues, or you want to make owning and running your very own Willy Dog hot dog stand your full time business, you’re going to love the financial security and the freedom you’ll experience by having a mobile business that can go anywhere the wind takes you.