Large Stands

Large Hot Dog Carts For Feeding a Crowd

If your hot dog business takes you to places where the crowds are large and hungry and of course, they all want something a little different, then you may want to get one of our large hot dog stands. You’ll find all the bells and whistles that make your life easier and the selection to your customers greater. Our large hot dog stands have a greater capacity in both cooking options and cooling and storage options. Still fully maneuverable and functional, our large hot dog stands feature all the handy elements of all of our hot dog stands including easy towing and easy placing once you get where you’re going. Designed to be portable, you can easily haul these behind your vehicle and keep your show on the road. From hot dogs to ice cream, and much more, our large hot dog stands give you so many options, neither you nor your customers will ever get bored with your selection.

From our fabulous and super recognizable Willy Dog hot dog cart, to the impressive Willy Dog Concession Trailer, we have a large hot dog stand option that’s going to be just right for your needs. When you’re working a fair or other large scale event, you’re going to be glad that you brought the big guns to feed all those hungry people. Designed to be easily hauled and easily placed, these large hot dog stands are built to last and set up quickly. The large umbrellas that come with our large stands act like a beacon for hungry customers. These large hot dog stands allow several people to work on various tasks at the same time. Now you can serve your hot dogs and sausages or other hot food items, while your partner takes payment or serves cold drinks or ice cream. The opportunities are endless when you own your own hot dog stand business and by getting a large hot dog stand, those opportunities expand even more. Now, no matter the weather, you’ll be able to have special treats like ice cream on hot days, and hot chocolate on cold days, to serve up to your customers. Because even these fabulous large hot dog stands are so portable, you can summer in Boston and winter in Miami and have plenty of versatility in your portable business to serve both sets of customers exactly what they want. At Hot Dog Carts Direct, we know you insist on excellent, high quality craftsmanship and that’s what we bring you with all of our amazing hot dog stands.