Best Food Trucks of Boise

Best Food Trucks of Boise


About a month ago, I decided to go on a tour of the United States. Why? To find the best food trucks in every major city. Since I live in the Boise, Idaho area, I thought it was best to start in my hometown. I’ve always been a bit of a foodie, and I love trying new, interesting foods. It took me awhile, but I managed to make my way through nearly every food truck in the area. (Some of those trucks are really hard to find!) Although some people may not think of Boise as a big city, it offers a wide range of food choices, from traditional hot dog carts to cuban paninis. The Boise food truck scene is full of passionate cooks and entrepreneurs and, of course, delectable food options. Nineteen trucks stood apart from the others, earning a spot on my list. Check out the best that Boise has to offer:

The Kilted Kod, Boise

The Kilted Kod specializes in British-style fish and chips, but they also offer chicken and chips. Of course, I’m not into playing it safe when it comes to food, so I went for a three piece fish and chips. The mouth-watering Alaskan Cod was cooked perfectly; I had to talk myself out of ordering more! The truck moves around a lot, but you can find their schedule under “Locations” on their website.



Brown Shuga Soul Food, Boisebrownshuga

For all lovers of soul food, Brown Shuga is a must try. The truck is located on 24th and Fairview in Boise. This time of year, Yvonne, the owner, is busy with catering (holidays), but I was able to try some of her authentic southern-style food. I had pork shoulder and collard greens; the food was so good, I decided to plan a trip to the south. (We’ll see how those food trucks compare to Brown Shuga.) Keep up the great work, Yvonne!



Archie’s Place, Boise

Archie’s Place has only been open since 2011, and specializes in Sloppy Joe creations. Jason Farber, the owner, has a long history in the Boise restaurant industry (he worked at Bar Gernika for many years). I went down to Woodland Empire, a local brewery, to grab lunch at Archie’s. I’m not a big fan of sloppy joes, but I like trying new things, so I ordered a Tacodilla. What’s in a tacodilla? Melted cheese, sloppy joe meat and “taco fixins”. Despite my reservations, this creation was delightful. Next time I visit, I’ll have to try one of the signature soups.


Burgerlicious, Boise

I caught these guys at the Powderhaus taproom opening on November 6th. I ordered The Idaho Burger because I’m all about the local scene (btw. all of Burgerlicious’s meat is from local, grass fed cows). I paired my burger with Powderhaus’s Hinterlander Porter, and oh man, was it good. Burgerlicious is really into the local brewing scene, so you’ll find them parked outside of places like Brewers Haven and Payette Brewing. Can you go wrong with a burger and a beer? Not likely.


Waffle Addiction, Boise

I was skeptical about this place at first. I mean, how good can a mobile waffle eatery be? Despite my reservations I gave it a try. Waffle Addiction offers traditional waffles as well as original recipes like pizza waffles. I went with the stuffed pizza waffles and was pleasantly surprised. For those of you who love trying new recipes, you’ll love Waffle Addiction. You can find the truck at 10577 Fairview Ave on Wednesday through Saturday. Check the schedule in the link below.

Tiki Teriyaki, Boise

tikiteriyakiServing authentic Hawaiian plate lunches, Tiki Teriyaki is a truck you won’t want to pass. Surf the Big Wave with Teriyaki Chicken, pineapple-coconut cole slaw and steamed rice was delicious! I also found this truck at the Food Truck Feast in Boise (there is a ton of amazing food to be had). Good Hawaiian food is hard to find in the Boise area, but you won’t be disappointed when you try Tiki Teriyaki!



P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon, Boise

P.Ditty’s serves gourmet wraps made from fresh, local ingredients. They have a full vegan/vegetarian menu and a full meat-eater’s menu. I tried This Little Piggy – a recipe made with pulled, slow cooked pork (YUM) soaked in Payette Brewings’ Mutton Buster Brown. There were a bunch of other ingredients on the wrap that added delicious flavors. You can choose a Biggie or a Smalls (the rap references are fantastic) or change your order into a salad or nachos. I will definitely be returning to P. Ditty’s!

FB: P. Ditty’s Wrap Wagon

The Funky Taco, Boise

If you’re a supporter of local food, then you’ll love The Funky Taco. Why? The Funky Taco uses only locally grown food – their menu is primarily vegetarian/vegan -, their menu even changes with the seasons, using whatever foods are available. Why are the tacos funky? The food is influenced by Asian, Mexican, and South American food, so it’s an eclectic mix. The Bahn Mimi Taco looked and tasted absolutely beautiful, and the Alligator Pears are an absolute must (who doesn’t love avocados?). Check out their event schedule and support Boise farmers!

FB: tHe FuNkY tAcO

Bang on the Wall Burgers, Boise

I had the opportunity to try Bang on the Wall Burgers at the Dia De Los Muertos celebration in Nampa. I’m a sucker for plain old chicken burgers, so I had to try one. I wasn’t disappointed, and their fries were cooked to perfection. You can find Bang on the Wall at nearly any food truck event and they love to cater events. Try any burger on the list; it will be the best decision you ever made.



Bel Cibo, Boise


belciboWhat does Bel Cibo mean? Beautiful food (Italian), and Bel Cibo definitely delivers. The truck can be hard to find because their location isn’t updated very often, but I was fortunate enough to try their food at a Food Truck Rally mid-October. I tried their Jerk Chicken sandwich, a recipe that was infused with layers of flavors. My mouth and stomach were pretty satisfied. Bel Cibo offers catering services, so if you’re looking for unique, homemade food for an event, you may want to check them out.

FB: Bel Cibo Truck

Cuban Panini Mobile, Boise

Cuban Panini is another food truck that you’ll find at the Food Truck Feast on Amity and Maple Grove on Wednesday evenings. I had the Pan con lechon made with roasted pork, grilled onions, and delicious garlic sauce. The 10” panini was delicious, filling, and affordable (I will definitely be going back to try another panini). I paired it with Guava juice to complete the authentic Cuban experience. The food truck is owned by the Casablanca Cuban Grill, so when the food truck is closed, you can dine in and enjoy even more authentic Cuban food.

FB: Cuban Panini Mobile

Hello Dinner, Boise

Hello Dinner is different than traditional food trucks. Diane and Emily, co-founders of Hello Dinner, specialize in gluten-free meals prepared in advance for people to take home. They have a retail store with regular hours, as well as a mobile that parks at a Senior Center on Wednesdays and the Cathedral of the Rockies on Tuesdays. Their mobile menu offers a variety of paleo and vegan options. I tried the Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps with creamy Sriracha sauce. Eating healthy never tasted so good!

FB: Hello Dinner

Il Segreto Wood Fired Pizza, Boise

Paul, owner of Il Segreto, has a mobile brick oven to cook his neapolitan-style pizzas in. I love a good Margherita pizza, and Il Segreto’s Me Oh Maya Margherita is simply divine! The pizza is topped with tomato salsa instead of the traditional sliced tomatoes, which adds a wonderful flavor. Il Segreto is usually at the Boise Food Truck Feast on Wednesdays from 5-8pm, so you should go try one of their signature wood-fired pizzas!

FB: Il Segreto Wood Fired Pizza


RiceWorks, Meridian

Originally, all of RiceWorks delicious Asian fusion food came from their black food truck. But in 2014, they decided to set up a “brick and mortar” front in The Village in Meridian. They still do catering and special events out of their food truck, just check their calendar for events. Whether you want to dine in at their restaurant or catch their food at a local event, you’ll definitely want to try their Spicy Korean Tacos. If you’re not into spicy foods, try their signature egg rolls. Their egg roll recipe comes from an old family recipe, so you know it will be amazing.

Scotty’s Hot Dogs, Boise

Scotty’s Hot Dogs has two normal locations in Boise on Mondays and Saturdays. They can be found at various other places during the week (check their FB for location updates). Scotty’s sells enormous hot dogs topped with Scotty’s special sauce, sauerkraut, pepperoncinis, pickles, jalapeños, and onions. Of course, you can get a plain dog too, but I’d recommend trying this delicious combination of flavors that make Scotty’s Hot Dogs one of the best trucks in Boise.

FB: Scotty’s Hot Dogs

VietMOM Grill, Meridian

The home location of the VietMOM Grill is Meridian, but they tour all over the place from Meridian to Mountain Home. This authentic Vietnamese food will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble with delight. The slogan: “Run, don’t wok to VietMOM Grill” says it all. After tasting Momma’s delightful spring rolls, I will definitely be making another trip or ten to VietMOM.

FB: VietMOM Grill


The BBQ Guy, Nampa

I tried the Loaded Fries from the BBQ Guy. OMG. Frickin’ delicious. A pile of French fries topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, parmesan cheese and pickles made this dish pure BBQ perfection. The BBQ Guy has been cooking for free for over 30 years, but three years ago he decided to utilize his skills in a food truck. The truck is a little bit hard to find this time of year, but he’s usually on the corner of Maple Grove & Amity, about 7 minutes from 1-84.

FB: The BBQ Guy

St{r}eam Coffee Bike, Garden City

A steampunk inspired bike that offers cold brew coffee, tea, and infused water. The owner, Jodi Eichelberger, pedals the bike around the greenbelt in Boise, and can be found at most major artist events, such as the 2015 North End Artisan Expo that took place on Nov. 7th. His slow cold-brew coffee is divine, and although he’s hard to find, it’s well worth the search.

FB: Stream


El Gallo Giro Truck, Kuna

Located across from the Jackson’s convenience store in downtown Kuna, this quaint taco truck is the perfect place to grab an inexpensive, delicioso lunch. $1 Tacos and $5 Nachos – yum! If you want a sit down experience, try Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant (the same owners as the truck) located a couple blocks away from the truck on Main St.

FB: Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant

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